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Buffer Preparation

Buffer Preparation
  In pharmacy and bio-engineering, buffer are applied in many purity process such as layer-separation, super-filtration, osmosis separation and liquid-preparation. The filtration of buffer is very important for producing efficiency and the quality of final products. For prolonging the life of following super-filter and ensuring non-pyrogen in final products, the bacteria-removing filter should be used for buffer filtration.
The adoption of pre-filter could extend the life of bacteria-filter.
Pre-filter for decreasing particles and bio-burden.
Final filter for bacteria and particles removing
Instruction for Application:
Instruction for Application: 1. Normally, the buffer contains acetum natrium, phosphate, phossy natrium. Pre-filtration are not necessary for the buffer, which concentration below 1M. 2. For high concentration of salt or prepared by non agent-class material, the pre-filter should be used normally. Proper configuration of pre-filter and final-filter could bring high flow-rate and stability. 3. Tank's size could be 30L, 300L or 1500L. 4. Pre-filter could be PDA--10£¢ 5. Final filter could be PDA--10£¢ 6. Pre-filter's cartridge could be polypropylene 0.45um and final filter's cartridge could be polyvinylidene 0.22um. 7. Driving power could be pneumatic. 8. Air-filter
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