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Bacteria Culture

acteria Culture
Through bacteria fermentation, many products could be produced such as medical protein, antimicrobial, enzyme, hormone, amino acid, blood replacer and alcohol etc. These products are produced by colon bacillus or other bacteria or inside the cells.
To get the final products, first the cells and cell-fragments should be separated in the ferment liquid. For inclusion-particle, bacteria solvent liquid should be clarified to remove the fragments and other impurities. According to technical requirement, extra clarification and filtration may be needed. Additive for fermentation such as nutrition liquid and PH adjusting agent also need bacteria filtration before entering the fermentor.
Purpose of Separation
l For products out of the cells, before further purity, cells and their fragments should be removed from ferment liquid.
l For products in the cells, before further purity, cell's fragments and byproducts should be removed from the bacteria-solving liquid for decreasing bio-burden. According to different technique, multi-filtration may be adopted.
l In some application, for protecting the following layer separation medium, the impurity in re-organized protein should be removed.

Application Requirement
Normally the solid and colloid's concentration is high in the bacteria-containing culture liquid, so the pre-filter should be high retention and absorbability.
Bacteria removing for adjuvant of fermentation must be economical and effective. The filter must be strong, high flow-rate and low differential-pressure.
Recommended Filter
For inclusion particle, selection of filtering system depends on the batch quantity and frequency. For small quantity (<100L), normal filter could be used such as cellulose membrane. As the increase of batch quantity, Poly-vinylidene fluonde membrane is better option.
Compound poly-vinylidene fluonde filters are high flow-rate and low protein-absorption, which could be used for bacteria-removing.
The colloids content is high in the inclusion-particle plasm. For protecting following filter, complete pre-filtration are needed. Normally the cellulose filters are adopted because of their high capability of retention.
For removing the turbidity in re-organized protein, the colloids, polymer and other micro-particles should be removed. Cellulose's electric charge meet these requirements right.
For decreasing the bio-burden or bacteria-removing, the compound poly-vinylidene filter could be used for high efficiency and low-cost.
For air-filtration, polypropylene could be used for bacteria and virus removing.

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