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Control System for Concentration

一、 Required Purpose
  1、Remote-control the following equipment's on/off.
    1) Agitator motor 2)Discharged Pump
  2、 Remote-control the following valves' on / off

    1)Water inlet valve
    2)Discharging Valve
    3)Return flow valve

      4)To dilution valve
    5)Cooling valve
    6)heating valve
  3、 Display of inner liquid level and temperature
二、Control panel item
  1、 Agitator motor, discharging pump on/off button, running indicate light.
  2、 Water inlet valve, discharging valve, return-flow valve, cooling valve, heating valve, on/off button, valve's condition indicate.
  3、 Tank's inner temperature and liquid level indication gauge
  4、 General power switch and indication light.
  5、 Conductance rate detector
  6、PH value detector

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