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Mammal Cell Culture Medium

There are many methods of culture of mammalian cells for producing various medical and diagnose protein. The cells could be cultured in the fermentor or cell-generator.
First step for purity is to remove cell, cell fragments and particles. The tangent filtration TFF and normal filtration NFF could be used for this step.
For first clarification, the selection of TFF or NFF mainly depends on batch quantity and using frequency. For small quantity or low frequency, the NFF is good option because of the low cost. In reverse, for mass quantity and high using frequency, the TFF is better option, because the high cost could be shared in mass products.
Purpose of Separation
Clarify filtration / pre-filtration
first and second step
Economically remove the cell, fragments and particles
Before further purity, decrease the bio-burden and bacteria.
Application Requirement
For the mass quantity and different size of particles, single step filtration could not remove all the particles. In some case, 2-3 steps of filtration share the burden are more economical.
Recommended Filter
First filtration: For remove the cell and fragments, the Polyvinylidene fluonde and cellulose membrane could be adopted.
Second step filtration: Before bacteria-removing filtration or layer separate, decrease the colloids and bio-burden. Normally, cellulose membrane filter could be used before final filtration.
acteria-removing filtration: Before storage or layer separation, decrease the bacteria number and prevent the pyrogen in following process. Polyvinylidene fluonde membrane 0.22¦Ìm could be adopted for bacteria removing

For air filtration, poly-propylene membrane are best option for bacteria and virus removing.



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