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Preparation and filtration for Ophthalmic Solution

Preparation for ophthalmic solution: Cleaning liquid and storage liquid for contact lenses and ophthalmic operation must be produced under the code strictly. The major ingredients of this kind of products are salt-water and protective agent etc. For heat-hating ophthalmic solution, should be produced by bacteria-removing filtration or removing the bacteria from the heat-hating ingredient first, then adding it to other pre-sterilized material. For small quantity and rich variety of the products, the more flexible application should be considered in selection of the tank. In the mean time, the batch size should apply with the GMP requirement. Normally, 0.3T concentration tank matches 0.6T aseptic storage tank, and 0.5T concentration tank matches 1.0T aseptic storage tank. In this way, it could satisfy the production of general products.
For titanic filtering system in ophthalmic solution production, pre-filter is needed to remove active-carbon and pyrogen. The filtering system should be capable of providing stable high speed, non-absorbing to the products and strong enough to stand mass production and durable for repeated use for 7-10 years.
Pre-filter is for particle-removing and extending the life of final filter. For normal products, the pre-filter is for particle-removing, so recycle flow could be adopted.
Final filter is for bacteria-removing. It's necessary process before final sterilizing in aseptic filtering system. (0.22 ¦Ìm )

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