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SDA Filter

SDA Filter
SDA is suitable for liquid, draining way is shoe as fiollowed:
  £¨1£©Press by gas and make the activated carbon onto bag, cleaned by people.(for bond)
  £¨2£©When liquid filtrate finished, pressed it by cylinder and cleaned by people.(for large quantity)
  £¨3£©When liquid filtrated, shaked by hand and cleaned by people.
  £¨4£©Pressed by eletricity and then cleaned by people.
10-15 cartridge
Cask for carbon collection
Hydraulic pressure
SDA Filter
  £¨1£©It is suitable for steam and gas pre-filtrating.
  £¨2£©It is suitable for high temperature and high pressure.
  £¨3£©Several installation method, material is 304,316L.

SDA specification
  Cartridge spec.: ¦µ60¡Á400¡¢¦µ60¡Á800£»80% of precision filtrating, 1-3¦Ìm, max hole dia. is 15¦Ìm, also available for 20-60¦Ìm¡£
  Cartridge structure: sinter or panel holding, filter cover.
  Cartridge application: it should be sterilized before applied, then set the cover and installed on the filter panel, when finished, the cover should be got off.
  Cartridge cleaning: generally it is cleaned by pure water, specially, it sghouls be acid first. All cartridge should be sterilized.



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